• it’s okay to be irritated at men who can’t hold their drugs or liquor
  • wear the heavy eye makeup. even if no one else is, especially if no one else is
  • say yes to unplanned shit but always have an exit strategy
  • look for opportunities to subvert and undermine capitalism and capitalists – exploit the exploiters.
  • sometimes survival depends on being the craziest person in the room
  • call things what they are; if something is horrifying – say it is!
  • intuition and impulse are almost the same thing – throw the stove off the fucking boat if it’s on fire
  • get the tattoo
  • use your perversions to find your people
  • what’s wrong with a little androgyny?
  • “i believe that sick people can still perceive things that may be funny to them, even if it hurts to laugh.”
  • “the act of being alive certainly is an oppressive job.”
  • a sense of humor is not something we learn, it’s something we’re born with which means every human, regardless of privilege or circumstance has access to it
  • writing is hard on the body
  • crazy people have a hard time sleeping at night

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